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Careers at Oran Park High School

Careers Adviser : Catherine Myers

Careers is a new service being provided by the school in 2021. A website has been established that will allow students, with the assistance of the Careers Adviser, to formulate pathways and directions that they may seek after finishing High School. This may involve further study or it could be in the preparation of work readiness tools such as resume building and interview skills.

OPHS Careers website

All students will have an individual profile on the website that will help them discover their own likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and guide them through the potential career options available to them in this ever-changing landscape.

Students are also encouraged to seek assistance with short-term job opportunities as they begin looking for work during after school hours and on weekends.  

The Careers Adviser is also available to the parents of our students to give advice as to how to navigate the vast amount of pathways presently available to students after high school. Please feel free to email questions or queries to Catherine.myers1@det.nsw.edu.au  or to gain a face to face appointment.